Our services

SOR measuring and auditing

We have a dedicated team of experienced measurers working on a day-to-day basis to meet your Schedule of Rates (SOR) requirements.

We have worked with a range of clients to deliver an accurate and reliable approach to SOR measuring, dealing with Reactive Maintenance, Measured Term Contracts (MTC), Decent Homes and Voids contracts. We are highly experienced and fully conversant with all standard Schedules such as NHF v4.2, v5.1, v6 and v6.1, NSR, PSA, Viper and ROS. We also regularly work with clients to familiarise and then measure using their specially formulated bespoke schedules.

We are fully conversant with most measuring systems regularly used by clients, allowing us to tackle the most complex of jobs immediately. We are equally able to provide one-off support to deal with backlogs, holiday cover, sickness, staff shortages as well as providing a complete contracted out measuring service.

Accuracy is our main priority. We also have a track record of being flexible and able to accommodate a high volume of works over short periods of time, including measuring 10,000 jobs in one month for a major industry client.

We also regularly undertake projects for clients and contractors to check and report on the accuracy and correct use of SOR codes added to jobs, added either by their own teams, consultancies or included on applications from subcontractors. We provide this service on a ‘one-off’ basis alongside auditing and compliance functions, as an independent ‘expert’ in a dispute between the parties or as an ongoing commercial cost control function.