Our services

Legal support and dispute resolution

Construction disputes and disagreements can often interrupt and jeopardise the flow of your business.

We aim to guide our clients through matters of dispute, advising on the contractual position, the merits and risks of the dispute, and the most suitable method of resolution.

Our service can vary from initial advice to dealing with far more complex contractual issues.

We have the experience and expertise to assist our clients in resolving disputes that they have become involved in. Our style and approach is flexible to meet the demands of the dispute and the needs of the client. We also provide proactive advice to mitigate potential disputes, offer practical guidance on contractual responsibilities and advise on the implementation of effective measures early on in the construction phase to avoid disputes.

It is better to prevent a dispute than to have to solve the dispute afterwards, which can often be costly.

It does not matter where in the United Kingdom the project is located, we are committed to supporting you by advising on contractual issues before they become complex (and expensive) and if they do become a problem, to be proactive and decisive in resolving the dispute. We provide a cost-effective service to resolve dispute issues and have long-term relationships with experienced specialist construction legal teams if the proceedings necessitate expert legal involvement for effective resolution.

We deal with a range of contractual issues including:

  • Dispute avoidance
  • Analysis of contractual responsibilities and liabilities
  • Measurement, valuation and final account disputes
  • Extension of time analysis
  • Loss and/or expense claims
  • Quantum and disruption claims
  • Adjudication and arbitration
  • Informal mediation
  • Expert witness
  • County court claims/defences
  • Debt recovery
  • Contractual documents reviews